Raspberry Lychee- Big Flavor Bigger Benefits


What’s the big deal about wildwonder’s Raspberry Lychee?

All wildwonder drinks have a mixture of herbs and fruits. Raspberry Lychee has live probiotics and prebiotics, which are beneficial for Gut Health. Unlike kombuchas, this drink is caffeine-free, so it can be enjoyed anytime. Here is some interesting information about some of the ingredients in the Raspberry Lychee drink in the wildwonder lineup: 

Honeysuckle flowers

Honeysuckle flower is known as Jin Yin Hua in Chinese. The National Institute of Health has stated in an article, honeysuckle flowers were used 1500 years ago to treat heat pathogens. Heat pathogens can cause inflammation in the body. Examples where heat pathogens can manifest in the body are carbuncles, sore throats, fevers, furuncles, and some other infectious diseases.  In addition to that, honeysuckle flower adds a natural sweetener to this drink, as well as having Vitamins A and C. Now that summer heat is approaching, having honeysuckle in the drink will be refreshing.  


Raspberry is known as Fu Pen Zi in Chinese. In Chinese medicine, raspberries are known to support the immune system, benefit sexual and reproductive functions, have an antiviral effect, and can be beneficial for brain health. It is said that the raspberry looks like a uterus, which makes it a great uterine tonic.


The popularity of Lychee or Lizhi (in Chinese) is like the grape of Asia. Lychee helps move pain and stuckness in Chinese medicine. For those that are feeling melancholic, lychee is great for helping move that stuckness. Probably why a lot of people are happy when they get to eat it. Western studies have found that lychee can help with weight management, is a great source of Vitamin C and Potassium, and is a good source for healthy antioxidants. 


While there are other key ingredients in the Raspberry Lychee drink from wildwonder, my favorites are these three ingredients and its relevancy with Chinese medicine. This prebiotic and probiotic drink is supportive for digestion, and it is organic. When it comes to taste, I have finally found the Goldilocks to my soda alternative. You can taste the flavors of the fruits, it’s not too sweet, and it doesn’t make you feel stuffed up from the carbonation of the drink. What’s more, you don’t have to wait hours for this drink to be stewed. Grab your drink today!


About the Author

Meet Starr Luu licensed herbalist & Acupuncturist. Like Rosa, her Chinese grandma brewed herbal tonics and she found her passion helping others. Starr Luu practices at Bodhi Treatment Center in Colorado.