Lemon Ginger

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Enliven all the senses with fresh-squeezed California lemons and Peruvian ginger juice. Sweet and tart, this refresher also has a hint of spice to supercharge your digestion. It's a modern love child of lemonade and ginger ale.

Antioxidants from tea & herbs
6g sugar - caffeine free


Fresh Brewed Black Tea* (Filtered Water, Black Tea Leaf*), Lemon Juice*, Apple Juice*, Maple Syrup*, Ginger Juice*, Lemon Extract, Ginger Root*, Ginger Extract*, Monk Fruit Extract*, Cayenne Pepper* (*organic)

Customer Reviews

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Joann L
freaking delicious!

I was introduced to wildwonder by my NGO - we hosted wildwonder at Plate by Plate in SF :) I'm weird and tend to avoid a lot of fruity drinks, but it was absolutely delicious! It's not super tangy which I was concerned about, and it was something I ended up ordering for myself afterwards! I ordered both Lemon Ginger and the Guava Rose. Plus, the company mission is really supportive and it makes me feel good about supporting a company that also gives back to the community :) I'm literally putting in a new order right now!

Faye Sather
Love this to the max

I was going thru radiation and was very nauseous this was so good it really helped me thru a hard time. It was the ginger lemon. Plus the artwork on the bottle excellent

great digestif

I drink this whenever I have an upset stomach or need a little digestive aid - very soothing for my stomach!